The Princess Bride 25th Blu-ray

It’s hard to believe but this summer will mark the 25th Anniversary of The Princess Bride movie being released. That’s right – on September 25, 2012 it will have been 25 years since the initial release of The Princess Bride took the world by storm. 1987 – sheesh, where did the time go?  Over the last 25 years a lot of things have changed; the Grandson grew up in front of our eyes, the dashing hero has had to fight a madman and two of the beloved stars of the movie have moved on to a greater stage. But somehow – at its core – the movie still strikes home as one of the greatest films that I have ever seen. Truly. So many truths about life buried in ridiculously quotable dialogue, so many scenes that can take the abuse of being watched over and over again within getting old. How many films can make that claim?

Just in time for the movies anniversary is the release of a 25th anniversary edition. While the release date of the Blu-ray is not until October 2nd, you can pre-order it now at Amazon. I’ve already placed my order (can’t wait to see it in 1080P!) but what I am REALLY hoping for that it will be released back out to theaters! Wouldn’t that be a great way to introduce friends/family/etc to the film?

(If you are going to buy the blu-ray, please consider buying it through our link and supporting the page. Thanks!)


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